Some info about combat system and enemy movements


In this article we’re going to tell you some new information about enemies in Remain Human.

At first, we want to remind about battles in Remain Human. It will take place in real-time and characters will be implemented in 3D. The number of enemy types will be more than it was in Survival Planet. In addition, each type of opponents will have some subtypes with distinction in characteristics and appearance: size, color and etc.

In one battle, the player will have to fight with several opponents, who can also fight among themselves or cooperate against player. Each type of opponents will have a set of his own attacks and movements, as well as inherent only for him behavior. Now we will tell you more about this on the example of Starsnout, which you may remember from Survival Planet.

Firstly, lets remember how we met Starsnount for the first time in the Survival Planet. He suddenly attacked us from under the ground:


In Remain Human it can get under the ground during battle, to suddenly attack the player in his back, for example.

Here is Starsnout's usual attack using claws. It’s not as dangerous as what we will show below.


It is much more dangerous when Starsnout attacks in jump! This attack not only cause a lot of damage, it also can knock you down.


In addition, Starsnout may try to reduce the distance between player and himself, by attacking with stun and pull.


Usually Starsnout tries to avoid player’s attack using quickly jump backwards. After successful evasion he may pulls the character. But do not expect that it will always be so easy to predict.

This is a basic Starsnout movements and we want to remind you that it is one of the simplest and most ordinary enemies in the game, which has not much special abilities, compared to others. But we'll tell you about them later.

Thank you for your attention and for watching our news.