Survival Planet updated to second edition!


In the spring of 2016 our small indie studio released its first really serious game called Survival planet, which has been well received by players on Google play. Since we did not have a rich experience in game development (we have nothing except a great desire to tell an interesting story) we had to make the game as simple as possible for development. Proceeding from this, the game has its genre: text RPG-Survival.

Our story about a man, who was on uninhabited planet and faced with something inexplicable and hostile towards him, requires visual entertainment. We were very afraid that the limitations of text-based gameplay spoil the game experience, but players like our game, and its text implementation was one of the interesting game-features.

Six months after the release we have become more experienced and now we are working on a remake/sequel of Survival Planet for Steam and mobile platforms. But we can not leave Survival planet imperfect, and therefore we are now releasing a major update to this game, which fixes a huge number of defects and errors. It also improves visual quality of the game and adds a new game content. Those who played it before will be pleasantly surprised because we have done craft and building camp more enjoyable. Moreover in the nearest future we want to improve the variability of turn-based battles. At first we have added a new enemy:


Now, as we believe, the game has gained its final form, and we invite you to play it. It means now the game finally looks just as intended. In future we'll create more updates with different improvements.

If you want to learn more about our game, look at its page on Google play and watch its trailers. Besides, these trailers also was remastered for this update.