About monsters in Remain Human

Hi there! Coil Software is here to share another big news with you about our upcoming game which is called Remain Human. The time has come to tell you about monsters inhabiting forsaken planet you'll soon meet. Of course, many enemies will be transferred from our previous game, Survival Planet, but in Remain Human there will be a lot of new and unexpected enemies.

One of the main features is that all enemies will be fully implemented in 3D, and each of them will have more than 10 of the living and the unique animations that will make the gameplay more interesting and exciting than in the Survival Planet, where all the fighting took place step by step, and the characters implemented in 2D. We are ready to reveal the cards and show you the image of the enemy, which is familiar to all players of Survival Planet without exceptions. It is Starface, but now in 3D.

At this moment we cannot give an exact date of release of the game, but rest assured that soon there will be more news.


Coil Software