The story is a just beginning!

Our new large-scale project called «Remain Human» is currently under development. So we want to share with you some details about our upcoming game, and what you should expect from it. More precisely, we would like to share with you a few details about the plot of «Remain Human»:

  • The game will consist 7 full chapters which were in our «Survival Planet» game. Each of these chapters will be revised and expanded;
  • On top of that, we’ll add a few story chapters with unexpected events, conceptually woven together and leading to the answer on the main question, which was not disclosed in our previous «Survival Planet» game. The story promises to be exciting!
  • It is so happened, that in the Survival Planet game, we have paid little attention to the history of the main character. So in the «Remain Human» game we’ll tell you about his ambiguous fate, which is closely connected with the events of the game.

    More details soon.


    Team Coil Softwave
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