New project on the way

After brief lull, we're back with great news. Now we’re working hard to finish our new major project called «Remain Human». The game is a remake and continues story of the previously-released «Survival Planet» game, which is available only on Android.

Of course, we will start with the main distinctive features that are waiting for you to «Remain Human»:

  • first, we have taken the best from its previously-released «Survival Planet» game and we have altered the gameplay, focusing on the visual component. Now it is an isometric Action-RPG with the spectacular real time battles. The rejection of turn-based combat system has allowed us to implement a new combat system using a variety types of attacks and abilities of the character.
  • secondly, we have retained the spirit of «Survival Planet» and literary element loved by our game fans, and we have made it deeper and more thoroughly – fans of science fiction books can be assured in game now.
  • thirdly, another distinctive feature of the «Remain Human» is the detailed game world, which was previously described only in the text version of the game.

    Of course, the game will be available not only on Android but also for PC users – this is the first experience for all history of existence of our Studio. We will also try to implement «Remain Human» and on other platforms, but more on that later!

    Stay tuned, folks! More news coming soon.

    Your team Coil Software

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