Survival Planet’s world release

A great journey has begun. Our new text RPG Survival Planet is now available to players in 51 countries of the world! We are incredibly proud of this event because the way of the realization of this goal was thorny and complicated. It took a lot of time to this game was on the shelves of the Google Play store. So let’s grab our gadgets and dive into the thrilling and gripping story about human survival on a desert planet.

Survival Planet  is a text RPG with elements of survival and time management, which  will provide you an unique gaming experience that is unparalleled for mobile platforms. In the heart of the gameplay is the narrative with strong, partly philosophical and gruesome history

The Survival Planet story takes place in a distant future, when humanity started colonizing other planets. During one of the expeditions your spaceship is crashed. You have just one aim on an alien and hostile planet - you must survive at any cost and return home.

Special thanks to all the people, who participated in the development of the game and strongly supported us:

  • Anton Berkov (aka North Hive)
  • Egor Gorbunov (localized in English)
  • Newочем (translation team)
  • Roman Zolotarev
  • Alexander Savchenko
  • Anna Semenikhina
  • Evgeny Nazarov
  • Stanislav Medkov