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Some info about combat system and enemy movements

Here we tell you some info about combat system. Also we present Starsnout with its movement-animations!

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Survival Planet updated to second edition!

Game was completely remastered! A lot of problems have been fixed, added new gameplay-mechanics and new enemy!

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About monsters in Remain Human

The game will have much more enemies than in our previous game, Survival Planet. Now fully implemented in 3D

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The story is a just beginning!

A few details about the plot of Remain Human

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New project on the way

The game is a remake and continues story of the previously-released «Survival Planet» game.

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Survival Planet’s world release

Survival Planet is a text RPG with elements of survival and time management will give you a unique gaming experience that is unparalleled for mobile platforms. In the heart of the gameplay is the narrative with strong, partly philosophical and gruesome history.

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Welcome to the Coil Software's website

Сheck the Coil Software's news first.

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